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Here you will find information on Monarca family.

The word Monarca derives from the late Latin "monarcha", which in turn originates from the Greek "monÓrchýs" composed of "monos" (μόνος) "only", "unique" e -Órchýs, from "Órchein"  (ἄρχειν), which means "to govern", "to command" and is frequently utilised as synonym of King.

The surname Monarca is present in various countries, among which Italy, Mexico, U.S.A., Argentina, Brazil, Australia, etc; except in the Messico Case, we believe that the family origin is in Italy.

As far Mexico, where there are numerous Monarca, we recall the significant presence there of the famous "Monarca" migratory butterfly ("Danaus plexippus", which is also the national USA insect). This presence may have had a significant impact  on the surname spread, in an original way.

The surname "Monarca" is in any case rare and, due to its meaning, also unusual.

The sites dedicated to surnames dissemination estimated that there are in the world almost 4.000 individuals called Monarca, with the highest concentration in Mexico (for the reasons mentioned above), USA and Italy (where around 500 people╣ are estimated at the end of 2019).

In Italy the surname Monarca was present over the centuries only in specific areas. Those areas were four and exactly by order of historical recognised presence:
  • Sessa Aurunca, in Caserta province;
  • Offagna, in Ancona province;
  • Canale Monterano, in Rome province;
  • Melilli, in Syracuse province.
Over the centuries Monarca families have lived in many other cities (such as Napoli, Roccasecca, Bevagna, Foligno, Jesi, Recanati, Tropea, Milano, Rome, Vicenza and many others), but always connected to the branches above.
It is believed that the Sessa branch is the "original" one, and that the other three are related to Sessa's.

 Panorama Sessa Aurunca                             

View of Sessa Aurunca
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