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Lorenzo Monarca was born in Offagna in 1651, son of Giovan Battista and Caterina and nephew of Lorenzo. This family nucleus, landowner (i.e. homeowner and landowner) is the only one with the surname Monarca found in Offagna, throughout the centuries. 

it is possible that a single man, not of Offagna, for life events, found work and a wife in Offagna, and decided of staying there for the rest of his existence.
It is therefore possible, among the various reasonable hypotheses, that a cadet moved in Offagna, for example, as part of the military garrison of the local important fortress, perhaps from Sessa. I would also like to point out that the Monarca-owned house is very close to the country villa of the Malacari Counts of Grigiano, one of whose exponents was consul of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Malacari member may have had contact, even casual, with some Monarca of Sessa.
At the moment, however, there are no evidence of it.

In any case it is a fact that many Monarca in the
past centuries lived in the provinces of Ancona and Macerata, and that some of their descendants still reside there.
The cities having more significant presence of members of Monarca family in 18th and 19th centuries are:
- Offagna, small medieval village, 20 km. from Ancona, member of "I Borghi pił belli d'Italia" association;
- Jesi, a city about 30 Km. from Ancona;
- Porto Recanati, a town which is also 30 km. from Ancona, but currently within the province of Macerata.

We consider significant the presence in Offagna, which dated back at least upto 1651 as described before. The Offagna Branch winds through the centuries, but almost always linked to the original village. Some Monarca however
decided to live Marche region for moving in other part of Papal States, like Rome, Umbria (significant example of it is Bevagna, village also member of "I Borghi pił belli d'Italia"), and from them new family branches were opened.
View of Offagna

View of Porto Recanati
                  Porto Recanati