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Giacomo (Canale Monterano),  updated on October 17th, 2017

Hector (Argentina), updated on June, 16th, 2023

Gaetano (Bevagna) updated on February 2nd, 2017


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We are trying to find news about Giacomo, lived in the first half of 1800 in Canale Monterano, in the Rome province.

Most likely Giacomo was not born in Canale Monterano, but in that town he had two sons from his wife Geltrude Silviarelli: Bernardina in 1838 and Filippo in 1846. Filippo had many sons in Canale Monterano from his wife Emilia Bucchi. Filippo died in Canale Monterano in 1902. Presently we do not know the Giacomo's parents nor where he was born.
Probably Giacomo brother was Lorenzo, married with Antonia and father of Agostina who was born on 1831.

Another research is involving Hector, who is supposed to be a nephew of Tobia and Marianna Festa, emigrated at the end of '800 from Naples to Buenos Aires. Hector was very famous for the quality of his sandwiches sold by his company in the Rio de la Plata beach.


Hector's descendants in 1982 patented the ingredients of the sandwiches and with the same name choosen by Hector i.e. " El gran Monarca". We do not know the Hector's father and mother and the research is on it.

was born in 23.05.1845 in Castelfidardo (Ancona), son of Francesco and Teresa Renzi, and died in Bevagna (10 km. out of Foligno in the Umbria region) in 1914. His brothers were Giuseppe and Aurelio. The father Francesco was not of Castelfidardo origin and, for the time being, we do not know his birthplace or the grandfather birthplace.
The most probable hypotesis, below described, is that Gaetano was Luigi's nephew, and Francesco's descendant.
In such a case Gaetano is part of Offagna branch.


Luigi was born in Offagna in 1778, son of Antonio and Rosa Gaggiotti. We underline that Gaetano is an important member of our family, since he is for sure the ancestor of Bevagna branch and of a large part of Umbrian branch too.

Anyone who has information on these family members is kindly requested to Contact us.


Castello e fontana                             bevagna
                                Castle of Canale Monterano                                                               A Square in  Bevagna