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Monarca family originates in Sessa (Caserta)



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The first historical evidence about the Family Monarca can be found around 1300 in Sessa (current Sessa Aurunca, a town of 22.000  inhabitants in the province of Caserta), in Italy. According to some sources Monarca surname was introduced by a branch of the Tata family, of jewish origin, present in Sessa since 1300, which was converted to Christianity at the time of the edict of expulsion of Jews in 1541, issued by the Emperor Carlo V.
Gasparro Fuscolillo, a well-known local historian, reported in his book "Chronicle", in the middle of 1500, that "Missere Beldisarro de' Minarcha" was elected "Grassiere" (magistrate of the land) of Sessa in 1551 and that "Silvio de' Minarcha, called Tata, was elected "Grassiere" in 1556 and one later "Mastro portolano"
(Urban and Water Authority) of Sessa.

According to other sources, however, Monarca name was introduced following the authorisation given by a King of Napoli, grateful for the hospitality received at a family (Piscicelli?) in Sessa.

In any case in 1609 we found the first major of Sessa belonging to the family≥ “Giulio Gaetano Monarca de’ Monarca”. This is the evidence that Monarca family had locally acquired influence and prestige. In 1656, the year that sees the plague hit Sessa, Antonio Monarca leads "The Confraternita del SS. Rosario", which was considered as one of the nobles, where, at that time, were accepted as members only those belonging to the gentry of the city. 
      Panorama di Sessa Aurunca
View of Sessa Aurunca
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